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The Wellness and Justice Group, LLC provides services and products to businesses, communities and individuals who need qualified guidance, instruction and encouragement to infuse wellness based frameworks and strategies in their day to day lives and infrastructure. A wellness based infrastructure is an infrastructure that is goals focused, fund or revenue generating, safe, just, diverse and healthy. We integrate every one of these very key components through group and individual consultations, assessments, trainings and certifications.


It is our belief that owners, supervisors and staff all deserve to benefit from guidance, support and training to fortify their wellness infrastructure focused workplace.


We were founded by attorney Eclyenne Mercy and Anana Harris Parris


Our company welcomes the opportunity to work with all aspects of our client's development. Whether you are a newly formed business and organization or an individual on a journey to your next level of wellness or career growth, we offer a sliding scale fee structure for community and not for profit based clients to help every client reach their goals. 

Our strategic alliances with & Legal Upgrade help to curate the effectiveness of our services. We also support community focused organizations like the SisterCARE Alliance.


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Who have we and our founding partners trained? 

Georgia Academy of Family Physicians
Georgia Associate of Black Women Attorneys
Mercer University Counseling Graduate Program
Administrative Office of the United States Courts 
National Association of Public Defenders
Northstar Psychological Services, Inc.: Strategic Self Care and Radical Improvement in Cultural Engagement
Piedmont Hospital Women's Heart Health Program
Southern Center for Human Rights
ProGeorgia Women of Color Initiative
American Academy of Pediatrics Georgia Chapter

A Strategic Wellness Infrastructure,
1.    Empowers the people of a business with tools to help prioritize, better communicate & serve clients,
2.    Enhances the effectiveness of management and leadership to be consistent with the cultural goals of the business saving time and money;
3.    Encourages the effective implementation of existing or new policies and procedures to support a wellness workplace environment.


A Good Reason

With the social atmosphere including a global pandemic adding to the many increasing and daily sources of stress, many surface level and random attempts to care for ourselves have proven to not be enough. As leaders and providers of advocacy services to communities, many organizations and businesses have found themselves at a loss for quality virtual programming that did more than offer moments of brief support and reprieve from the challenges many women leaders face. According to a recent article on the mental health of women and men during the pandemic, we learned the following;
“The pandemic has caused loss, stress, and unemployment for people all over the world. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2.5 million women left the job market since the beginning of the pandemic—…[and] …1.8 million men.” Source:
Every business, government institution and non-profit organization has an opportunity to wellness strategic wellness and self-care to be integrated into a more sustainable, integrated support and skill enhancing training for its staff. By incorporating our training programs, your organization will be a leader in establishing a wellness infrastructure for your organization.


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The Benefits are Endless

Business Consultation


Our consulting service provides you and your team with a Strategic Wellness &  Self Care Plan.

Giving a Presentation


From personal to professional growth, The Wellness and Justice Group, LLC offers corporate trainings and workshops for your team.

Team Talk


Wellness and Justice Group, LLC provides Infrastructure Wellness consultation.

Book Stack


The Wellness and Justice Group, LLC have tools for your team.

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